Welcome to Resource Marketing Systems

After the diverse activities in last 37 years, from promoting Pharmaceutical products to selling high-tech reprographics and from introducing energy savers first time in Pakistan market to initiating first Internet Service Provider in Pakistan and from making Shoelaces to distributing consumer products, we have chosen to focus now on what is closest to our hart and what we really enjoy doing so.
The areas of interest we are focusing on are:

Solar Energy – Ukaanwara Alternative Energy Solutions Solar energy has always been a source of energy for me. Perhaps because we lived in there (very close to Sun) for three generations and now Rohi lives in our soul. When I started first it was little too early for Pakistan market, It was 1993 in Islamabad when I worked out a plan to energize PTCL Rural telephone exchanges by Solar. A USA China joint venture, Herbine Cronar Solar Energy Co. (my partner in crime) based an engineer in Pakistan for the project. My resources burnt out and the engineer got frustrated in a year’s time. I had not given it up, postponed it till any suitable time. This time we are focusing on irrigation solutions for small & medium farmer, Fish farms, and Poultry farms beside home & commercial systems.